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Off Grid Solar Systems | 12 Volt Solar Panels | 12v Sealed Lead Acid Battery | Download a Brochure | IndustriCell

Recognized by the CSA Group as building the first ever American made Class 1 Division 2 / Hazloc Certified 12V Off-Grid Solar Panel

Industricell® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Coastal Plains Power and Battery, LLC.

Solar panel manufacturer specializing in off-grid solar applications for the Energy sector

Industricell offers solar power solutions, great customer service and high quality products that save you money while supporting American jobs. Our solar panels and solar batteries are in demand by service businesses who require off-grid solar power systems. All of our solar panels, including 12V solar panels, are flash-tested to meet or exceed your expectations. Industricell offers the only small wattage solar panel currently made in the USA. Read more about our solar panels. 

Customize your system for your solar power needs

No matter what your solar power needs are, Industricell has the products available for you. We can help you determine your power requirements if you need assistance. Click here for our Customized Solar Solutions form.

Solar batteries: flooded, lithium iron phosphate and 12V sealed lead acid batteries

Industricell offers three types of 12V batteries. Ask about our sealed lead acid 12V 110ah AGM deep cycle Coastal Plains Power battery (UL Certified), the Industricell flooded Group 27 12V 90ah deep cycle battery and our own line of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries in two sizes. Learn more about our solar batteries.